Laboratory of Immunology

Laboratory was formed in 1998 in the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Biology of UAAS. Since that time a number of innovative inventions including complex new generation of drugs used in veterinary practice for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases have been elaborated.

O.I. Vishchur – Chief of the laboratory, d. vet. s.
I.V. Kychun – Leading Research Fellow, c. b. s.
N.A. Broda – Senior Research Fellow, c. b. s.
N.Z. Ohorodnyk – Leading Research Fellow, c. vet. s.
K.B. Smolyaninov – Leading Research Fellow, c. agr. s.
M.I. Ratskiy – Research Fellow, c. vet. s.
N.M. Leshovska – Research Fellow, c. vet. s.
D.I. Mudrak – Research Fellow, c. vet. s.
I.O. Matukha – Junior Research Fellow, c. agr. s.
I.Y. Matlakh – Specialist
V.Y. Yamroz – Specialist
R.S. Yasnyskiy – Specialist
M.B. Furmanevich – post-graduate
O.P. Rudenko – post-graduate
G.V. Sobko – post-graduate
Ch. Ya. Solopova, post-graduate
T.V. Martyshchuk – post-graduate


The laboratory mainly investigates the peculiarities of metabolic homeostasis, formation of immune response in animals in the last period of gestation and at critical periods of postnatal adaptation. The effective ways of prevention and treatment of infectious and not contagious diseases, immune deficiencies,the increasing of resistance of young calves and piglets in the early postnatal period have been elaborated in over laboratory.
We study the mechanisms of action of new immunotropic drugs on the immune potential, NO-dependent mechanisms, antioxidant system, and protein and lipid metabolism in animals.
Above mentioned studies are conducted on farm animals (large and small cattle, pigs), pets (dogs, cats) and laboratory animals (rabbits, white mice, rats) and on pond fish. The laboratory is developing the ways and methods of correction and improvement of the immune function in animals by means of modern safety drugs.

Tasks and grants
The laboratory performs tasks in programs of research:
PSR 33 "To investigate the effect of L-arginine and extract of Echinacea on state of immunity of carp" (search) ", DR 0116U001405, Director – k. agr. s. Smolyaninov K. B. (2016)
PSR 35 "To study the biochemical mechanisms of formation and regulation of the cell compartment and humoral immunity in animals in norm and under pathology", DR 0116U001415, Director – d. vet. s. Vischur O.I. (2016 - 2020 years.)

Scientific achievements of laboratory
During 1998-2015 years laboratory staff have published over 400 scientific papers, including 4 manuals, 18 patents, 6 TC of Ukraine, 2 ISO reference, 5 handbooks, 3 methodical recommendations, 2 laboratory practical. During this period 1 doctor and 9 PhD theses have been defended.

Among latest:
Oleh Vischur and others. Pharmaceutical marketing. Tutorial - Lviv, 2015. - 180 p.
Yriy Slyvchuk, Iryna Matiukha, Vasyl Syrvatka, Ivan Hevkan, Svetlana Fyodorova, Oksana Shtapenko, Ivan Rozgoni Stabilizing the gonadotropin activity with the use of different organic compounds // Agro Life Scientific Journal - Volume 4, Number 1, 2015 ISSN 2285-5718. — pp. 187-193.
Oksana Shtapenko , Ivan Gevkan, Yevgen Dzen`, Svetlana Fedorova, Yurij Sluvchyk, Vasyl Syrvatka, Iryna Matiukha Effect of liposomal preparate with some organic trace elements on antioxidant status and reproductive ability of female rabbits // Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science. Vol. LVIII, 2015 ISSN 2285-5750. — pp. 221-7.
Natalia Ohorodnyk, Oleh Vischur, Kostyantyn Smolyaninov, Оlha Holubets, Ruslan Holubets Lipid metabolism in the lymphocytes of weaned piglets after administration of liposomal drug «Vitarmin» // Animal Biology. – V 16. – N 1. – 105 – 112.
The chapter in the monograph:
Living organisms and bioanalytical approaches for detoxification and monitoring of toxic compounds / Andriy Sibirny, Daria Fedorovych, Mykhailo Gonchar, Dorota Grabek-lejko/ - 2015 Rzecozow

The methods of isolation and purification of immunoglobulins of G, A i M-classes from the blood of cattle and pigs for monospecific antisera to create test systems for the evaluation of humoral immunity in animals have been elaborated.

Immune nephelometric method for determining the concentration of individual classes of immunoglobulins in biological fluids of animals and method for determining the immune capacity in terms of transformation of mononuclear macrophage have been patented.

As a result of many years researchs laboratory staff successfully developed and approved drugs for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases:

"Antoksan" – immune modulator with antioxidant effect, improves interferon productive system of the body, reduces free radicals in blood and accelerates the development of humoral responses;

"Lipohen" - for the prevention of edematous disease in weaned piglets and treatment of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases in young animals;

"Interflok" "Lipoflok" "Lipovit" "Tsyvitar" "Seltsyvit" "Kovistsyn" and "Vitarmin" - to improve antioxidant status and immune capacity of animals;

"Imukor" - activates nonspecific mechanisms of resistance, stimulates the growth and development of animals;

"Vitan" - stimulating redox processes, improves immune status and resistance of fish under the water pollution by pesticides and also poisoning and diseases of different etiologies;

"Amivit" - accelerate growth and development of young animals, normalizes metabolism, prevents rickets, and increases the resistance of animals to infections;

"Mimeton" - for the treatment of endometritis, stimulation manure separation and prevent its delay in cows, sows syndrome prevention metritis-mastitis-agalactia;

"Pinkol" - enhances the growth and development of animals and ensure the survival of newborn piglets;
"Honadofit" - to stimulate and synchronize the sexual rut in sows.