Shtapenko Oksana

Ph.D., Senior Scientist

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From 1991 to 1996 was the graduate student in Lviv National Academy of Veterinary Medicine
1997 until 2000 was the post-graduate student of Institute of Animal Biology at Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Lviv.
In 2004 defended the thesis of the Ph. D. degree by speciality 03.00.04. “biochemistry” entitled: “Regulation of oocytes maturation and cow’s reproductive function with hormonal action in vitro and in vivo”. Supervisor: Full Prof. Ivan Rozgoni, Dr.

Work experience

Since 2005 until the present day is employed as a senior scientist in the Laboratory of Reproductive Biotechnology, Ukrainian Institute of Animal Biology.
2003 until 2004 worked as a research assistant at the Laboratory of Embryo Biotechnology, Biotechnology Department in Institute of Animal Biology UAAS.

Since 2000-2003 worked as junior scientist of Cellular Engineering Laboratory, Institute of Animal Biology. 

Research Experience

Grant in Aid of Research, Collaboration with Division of Goat and Sheep Breeding of Krakow Agrarian Academy, Poland, 2004
Grant holder of Cabinet Minister of Ukraine, 2005-2006
Fellowship National Cancer Institute, Bethesda (USA), Department of Tumor Biology, M.Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, Gliwice Branch, 2009-2010

Member of the Ukrainian Biochemical Society
Member of the Kostyuk Ukrainian Physiological Society

The author of 78 articles, 7 Patent, 2 booklets (Methodic recommendations), 1 guidance manual for cell basic technique, 1 handbook.

Research interests
  • studying the mechanisms of development and methods of intensification of reproductive function of farm animals (cows, rabbit) by correcting liposomal preparations of trace organic compounds;
  • nonsurgical and surgical embryo recovery and transfer into mouse, rat, bovine, sheep;
  • cultivation and maturation in vitro mammalian oocytes and embryos;
  • stimulation of uterine-embryonic mammalian signal by studying the mechanism of formation in the early stages of pregnancy;
  • production cellular feeder mono- and bilayer from epithelial and embryo cells;

Study of 

  • creating spatially organized cellular system different cell types in nanocoating to improve the quality of embryos during their cultivation to transferable stages.

Major scientific works
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Shtapenko O., Fedorova S., Slyvchuk Yu., Syrvatka V., Matuha I. Comparative toxicity screening of organic and inorganic copper salts on oviduct epithelial cell culture in vitro // В кн. «Living organisms and bioanalytical approaches for detoxification and monitoring of toxic compounds», 2015 — 144 с.
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