Laboratory of  animal nutrition and biosynthesis of products

Laboratory of ruminant nutrition and biosynthesis of products was established in January 1, 2012 after joining of two laboratories: Laboratory of Cattle Nutrition and Laboratory of Sheep Nutrition and Wool Formation

Research Areas:
Physiological and biochemical aspects of ruminant nutrition, cattle and sheep particularly, and development the methods for improving the bioconversion of feeds components to the high-quality products — milk, meat, wool;
Transformation of nutrients to milk precursors in high-yield cows taking into account the nutrient requirements, digestive processes and intermediate metabolism and depending on the stages of lactation and reproductive cycle;
Developing the methods of improving the productive values of sheep: wool clip and quality; ewes milk production, chemical composition and biological value of milk;
Influence of minerals and biologically active substances on the metabolic processes in the sheep organism, elaboration the new effective feed additives;
Searching for integrated biochemical tests for evaluating and predicting the productive qualities of the animals;
Improving carbohydrates, protein, lipid, vitamins, and minerals nutrition of high producing cows and sheep using the new principles of rationing of diets.
Using of fat supplements in the ruminant nutrition.
Hydrogenation of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cows and sheep rumen depending on the diet composition and pH of rumen fluid and use of fatty acids isomers in the synthesis of milk fat.
Digestion and metabolism in transition cows.
Feed additives for prevention of metabolic diseases in cows.
Wildlife ruminants nutrition and metabolism.
Scientific achievements
Since the establishment the laboratory employees has published over 150 papers, including 2 monographs, 1 manual, 4 methodical recommendations, 2 patents, 2 ISO and 1 specifications.
The employees of the laboratory defended 4 D.Sc. and 8 Ph.D. theses.
The laboratory is accredited to perform physiological and biochemical studies (accreditation number № 461 from 02.09.2010 in compliance with DSTU ISO / IEC 17025/2006).

Laboratory offers assays and estimation
Consulting service for farmers.
Analysis and evaluation of composition and nutritional value of forages for farm wild ruminants and elaboration of feed additives.
Analysis of chemical composition and biochemical parameters of feed, blood, rumen contents, milk and wool.
Investigation and evaluation of dairy and meat productivity parameters in sheep.